Reply To: I start my virtual machine but it does not find any boot image!!!

  • Roddy Gelberty

    31 July 2020 at 11:31 pm

    I’d like to get some clarity on your current situation. Is the below statement true?
    You cannot PXE boot” on your Hyper-V virtual machine
    If the above statement is true proceed with the following questions.

    • Have you been able to PXE boot into another boot image on the virtual machine or is it the first time you are trying PXE boot.
    • Have you tried PXE booting into a normal physical desktop or a laptop.

    Reason for the above questions : Setting up PXE boot on hyper-v is a bit complex. You have to create a virtual switch and use a Legacy network adapter. You can find some instructions here
    Also, please confirm the ADK version installed on your SCCM server.

DCOM hardening issue.

This application fails to authenticate with WMI on the SCCM server because Microsoft has not yet hardened DCOM on their Windows Preinstallation Environment. We are working on a different approach, but it will only be released during the first quarter of 2024. But until that time, the only workaround will be to uninstall the update corresponding to KB5004442.