Documentation for SCCM task sequence deployment orchestrator

sccmtspsi login window content


sccmtspsi login screen has the following components.

Login pane : Operators who are members of the sccmtspsi-users-XXX [Where XXX is the Realm name] active directory group can login.

Version info button : Version of the sccmtspsi application.

Time and date : Time and date synchronized from the domain. Incorrect time or date will lead to failed license checks and active directory operations.

Power button : This button will open a context menu with the restart and shutdown option.

Network button: The network button will open a network connections properties sidebar. You can do the following in the network connections sidebar.

  • Enable / disable network cards
  • Change I.P address / Sub net mask.
  • Change default gateway
  • Change DNS server.
  • Change connection type.


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