Wallpapering your identity

In times of crisis, we all go into crisis mode and try to hunker down in our corporate bunker by slashing what we consider “unwanted” or “unnecessary” expenses. Sometimes, however, those little things we consider “unnecessary” may be the very miracles we need to save our livelihoods.

In the business world the most important lifeline that many times gets thrown out is internal communications and marketing.  Communicating regularly, respectfully and consistently is the key to any successful relationship and this includes employee communication. Consistent, regular, repeated, respectful communication not only improves employee morale, it also brings your company’s perspective to the top of the employee’s mind. This then gets transferred to the quality of their work and at the end of all of it…company profits and bottom-line.

Progressive companies are embracing the importance of internal communications and marketing and are looking at efficient ways to provide robust technology to communicate and market their messages. One employee engagement solution could be through the use of dynamic wallpapers on the employees’ computer screen. To work, wallpapers must not be mundane, static and irrelevant. Instead, they need to be relevant, adaptive and appeal to the employee.

When choosing a wallpaper deployment system try to steer away from unnecessary complicated system, instead choose a system that is straightforward and easy to manage. This can ensure that you are able to easily change wallpapers when necessary and be always relevant.  Perhaps provide employees the ability to contribute every now and again as this creates a sense of brand ownership.


WPSecure enterprise wallpaper packaging for robust internal messaging.

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